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Sunday Feb 7 - Steve's Online Flyshop is open today and ready to take your orders

Supporting Future Rivers - a percentage of all purchases from the Flyshop® now go to supporting FR projects - so every time you buy something from the Flyshop the environment will be better off! - How good is that!

What's Hot at the moment;

Beginner / Intermediate Fly Rod Package No 2
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Fishpond Gore Range Tech Pack
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Riverworks Z Waders & Z Series Boot Combo
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Rio Gold Floating Fly Line
Only $129.99
McLean Weigh Net 111 - Short Handle - Large
Only $109.90
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Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack
Only $299.99
Only $39.99
New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool and Yarn
Only $0.00
Riverworks X Waders Combo with X Boots
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Airflo Nemesis Liquid Combo NEW
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Flyrods and Fly rod packages - just whats need to get started fly fishing,
for great value packages click Fly Rod Package

Airflo Brookie Fly Rod Package
Only $199.99
Airflo Bandit Fly Rod Package
Only $349.99
Redington Practice Fly Rod
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Airflo Switch Fly Rod & Package
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It's Terrestrial Time!!: Page 1 here

Cicada - Tussock

Carty's GFF Tan

Crystal Stimy Royal

Carty's GFF Green

Blowfly Blue

Black Gnat

Blow Fly Green

Cicada - Para Style

Lace Moth



Para Hopper


Parachute Madam X


Muddler Minnow

Fly Tying MaterialsFly Tying Materials;

It's fly tying time again. I have an extensive range of quality tying materials and equipment to meet all your fly tying needs!

Check out our Fly Tying Clearance page for lots of bargains

Visiting New Zealand? Need a Fishing Guide? Suggest you check out these guys: Future Rivers New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides - the Good Buggers giving back!

Future River Guides

Want to experience some of the best
fly fishing in New Zealand?


Well those big fish aren't that easy to catch, and first you've got to find where they are........


You should consider booking a guide to show you just where and how to catch our big fish. Let them share their secret places with you, the places only a local could know about..... and guarantee yourself a successful trip


I highly recommend these guides to you. Click here: New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides


Here's a list of 'MUST HAVES' for your trip

Clearance Items
I have lots of good deals available on these clearance items, check them out

To Catch More Fish; Buy the Best Trout Flies;

Trout Flies
Traditional and Modern Trout Flies - Including many Designs by top NZ Fly Fishing Guides and Fly Tiers - all tied on high quality Tiemco hooks to meet the demands of large NZ trout.

I recommend you buy

FM Trout Flies

or Find all of Our New Zealand Trout Flies here

Order today

(our in house brand)
Popular New Zealand trout fly patterns
tied on extra strong hooks to handle large NZ trout

Quality at an affordable price Click to Buy


Killer Trout Flies' that catch Big New Zealand Trout

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